If you like solid wood furniture that is traditionally made and well finished, then we most certainly have the range of furniture that you are looking for.   We always stock a range of Mahogany Buffets, Entertainment Units, Bookcases, Display Cabinets, Plant Stands, Dining, Hall, Lamp and Side Tables just to name a few items.

Our Mahogany furniture is certified Indonesian Legal Wood, it is plantation grown and purchased by the manufacturer through a government agency to assure its origin is from an environmentally and ecologically friendly source.  For the manufacturer to get this certification they must also uphold safety and fair pay standards for their workers and this is maintained through government audits.

What this means for you is that you are buying solid wood furniture, traditionally made, that originated from a renewable resource, manufactured by a company that looks after the well being and livelihood of its employees.  We are proud of our association with this manufacturer and very proud to stock and sell this range of furniture.

Our range of Recycled or Reclaimed Teak furniture is also very diverse and there is nothing like this Rustic style furniture as conversation pieces.  The nature of this furniture is that every part of each piece is totally constructed from very old wood. It may have come from inside an old demolished house or other building or perhaps a jetty, a boat or anything else that can be reclaimed and this is part of the enduring character of our recycled teak furniture.

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